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Sun. May 19th, 2024

Racine Moose Lodge
Bike Blessing
5530 Middle Rd.
Caledonia, Wisconsin

1pm - 5pm

Sat. May 25th, 2024

Beachside Oasis
100 Kewaunee St.
Racine, Wisconsin

4pm - 7pm

Sat. June 8th, 2024

George's Encore
1201 N. Main St.
Racine, Wisconsin

8 pm - 11 pm

Sat. June 21st, 2024

5th Street Yacht Club
761 Marquette St.
Racine, Wisconsin

7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Sat. July 13th, 2024

Private Party


Sat. July 20th, 2024

Dickie's Bar
1537 Durand Ave.
Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin

7:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Sat. August 3rd, 2024

Corner Connection
6961 Douglas Ave.
Caledonia, Wisconsin

Time TBD

Sat. August 10th, 2024

Private Party


Sat. August 17th, 2024

2 Sheets to the Wind
3316 Douglas Ave.
Racine, Wisconsin

7pm - 10pm

Sun. Sept. 1st, 2024

St. Martins Fair
11310 W. Church St.
Franklin, Wisconsin

4pm - 8pm

Sat. Sept. 7th, 2024

Private Party


Sat. Sept. 14th, 2024

Fremont RV Campground
E 6506 State Road 110
Fremont, Wisconsin

Time TBD

Sun. Sept. 29th, 2024

Private Party


Sat. Oct. 5th, 2024

Witts End
11601 Cty Hwy G
Caledonia, Wisconsin

7pm - 10pm

Times, dates, and venues subject to change. Follow us on Facebook for the latest information